Popcorn Sales

Why Sell Popcorn?

Selling popcorn helps to raise funds to attend National Youth Leadership Training, Florida Sea Base, or Philmont, maybe even a unit trip to Mt. Rushmore or Yellowstone. Scouts may also build life skills like sales experience and social skills!

Sign up for the 2024 Sale HERE!

Four Ways to Sell

Show N Sell: Just as the name suggests, show the popcorn and deliver it on the spot.

Show and Deliver: Show the popcorn now, and deliver later.

Door-to-Door: Sell popcorn in your neighborhood. This is the most successful way and the most overlooked.

Online: Sell to friends and family who don’t live in the area by using social media and email to market your sale.

For more information on each of these selling strategies, See Trail’s End library of videos here.

2024 Popcorn Timeline 

July 16

Popcorn/Recruitment Kickoff 4:30PM-8:30PM (Tuesday) Register HERE 

August 3

Popcorn/Recruitment Kickoff 9:00AM-3:00PM (Saturday) Register HERE

August 9

Deadline for Units to place first order (Show and Sell)

August 23

Popcorn Distribution at District Sites

September 20

Second Replenishment Order Deadline

October 4th

Distribution for Second Order

Week of OCT 14

Popcorn returns

October 28

Deadline for Units to place final order (Door to Door)

November 7 & 8

Council Popcorn Distribution

December 9

All money needs to be into the Greater Colorado Council (Paid in Full)

2024 GCC Storefronts Dates

Coming this summer!

HERE are the the Stores Trail’s End is reaching out to. Please DO NOT contact any of these stores. Trails End will do all coordination with these locations.


Units can earn up to 37% commission for the traditional popcorn sale. Bonus commission is given in December only if units
have settled their popcorn account by December 9th.

30% Base Commission

5% Bonus Commission: 20/20 Club (Complete any 1 of the 3 below)

  • Unit Sells over $20,000 of Popcorn in 2023
  • 20% increase in total popcorn sales from 2023 amount
  • Unit new to the popcorn sale (did not participate in the 2023 popcorn sale)

2% Bonus Commission for Zero Returns (Each Unit can only return a maximum 5% their product in general; any returns at all loses this 2%)

35% Flat Commission given for all “Direct to Consumer” online popcorn sales

If a unit sells over $40,000 in
Popcorn, they will automatically qualify for 37% commission.


*Any unit whose account is not settled in full by 1-1-2025 will receive a maximum 30% base commission.

How Can I Sell A bunch of Popcorn?

Sell the Scouting experience, not just the popcorn. What do we mean by this? You learn to tie knots, catch fish, build character, be a contributing member of society and anything else you can think of. Pitch this idea to the people around you who will support the mission of Scouting more than just a popcorn sale. 

Here’s an example: “My name is Pikachu, and I’m part of Pack 1. I am selling popcorn to earn my way to Philmont Adventure Camp. I’m excited to go with my friend Bulbasaur. Can you help me go to camp?” 

Helpful Links

2024 Popcorn Resources

Unit and Leader

Questions or Suggestions for this year’s sale? Please email us.

S.M.A.R.T. Goals: