Boy Scouts of America, Greater Colorado Council

Building today. Prepared for tomorrow.

The Growing Future Leaders capital campaign is not only about what we are building, it is about the impact we will make on thousands of Scouts and non-Scouts for the next several generations. The campaign will help to attract and retain youth in Scouting by providing funding for enhanced programs, including outstanding camping opportunities

Growing Future Leaders Campaign Goal

The goal of Scouting in the Greater Colorado Council (GCC), including the Denver Metro and Western Colorado service areas, is to help youth develop into responsible citizens through exceptional programs. We do this by promoting positive character development and placing youth in positions of leadership so that one day they will become the leaders of our community, state, and nation. Our year-round programs and camping experiences provide youth with the opportunity to gain skills to become future leaders. 

Outdoor adventures provided by our camp facilities are a primary attraction for Scouts and investing in our camp facilities is more important now than ever. Growing Future Leaders creates the ability to make improvements to our programs and facilities, providing a quality experience for all current and future campers.

FundRaising Goal

In 2019, a collective total of more than $15 million of the $18 million campaign goal was raised. The first phase of the campaign included securing $11.6 million for capital improvements at Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch (PV), and an additional $1.4 million in endowment for a sustainability fund to maintain camp properties. Additionally, $2 million was secured for programs and infrastructure at CAP.

As part of the Campaign, the GCC held an unveiling ceremony at PV last summer to celebrate renaming the camp to Charles S. McNeil Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch, and to reveal the new Scout Center Dining Hall at PV. This generous donation from the McNeil family not only commemorates their admiration for Scouting but will help enable tens of thousands of youth to enjoy PV well into the future

Phase II of Growing Future Leaders

Phase II of the campaign launched in June of 2019, to secure $1.6 million to fund the development of the following projects:

  • Program Center – a multipurpose facility consisting of a large pole-barn structure to serve as a central hub for physical fitness activities including a challenging indoor climbing wall and activity court. It will serve as a place for Scouts to connect and share in an indoor activity space for year-round use and serves as a shelter in inclement weather.
  • Innovation Lab – a facility based on STEM activities where anything a young Scout can imagine will be created. Through fabrication young people learn about their own ability to create and purposefully add value to the world around them. It will offer instruction in wood working, welding, electricity, metal working, plumbing, composite materials, as well as provide a maker space for creativity.
    Adventure Valley Obstacle Course – an outdoor obstacle course combining fun and physical challenges in an individual or team building setting. The variety of the course, as well as the level of difficulty it can provide, means plenty of variability with physical and mental challenges for everyone.
  • Colorado History Adventure Area – an outpost camp taking Scouts back in time to experience life as an early settler in the great State of Colorado. The area will feature a homestead house and Scouts will experience relevant activities such as mining, farming, blacksmithing, and tree harvesting.

In addition to these core projects, Phase II fund raising will provide:

  • Shooting Sports program enhancements at both the Sporting Clays facility and the camp shooting range
  • New shower and restroom facilities
  • Aquatics program upgrades including a pool climbing wall and stand up paddle boards
  • Improvements to current staff housing, and the addition of new staff housing
  • Necessary infrastructure replacement and upgrades

Phase I Key Accomplishments

The first phase of the campaign included $13 million for capital improvements at PV, and an additional $1.35 million in endowment for a sustainability fund to maintain camp properties. Additionally, $2 million was secured for programs and infrastructure at CAP.

CAP was established in 2015 as an indoor activity facility for Scouts and non-Scouts in our communities. Through a generous lead gift from the family and friends of Don Scott, we were able to upgrade and complete the facility in 2018. Every lab and program area was enhanced with additional equipment and building improvements. Only July 12, 2018, the GCC dedicated the Donald E. Scott Colorado Adventure Point as the first major accomplishment of the Growing Future Leaders capital campaign.

For years, camp occupancy at PV in Elbert, Colorado has exceeded the seating capacity in the dining hall, and meals have been served in shifts. This not only impacts available program time for Scouts but prevents an element of comradery and friendship. Per the successful completion of Phase I of the campaign we can now seat and serve 700 campers at each meal, doubling our previous seating capacity and well above our current 500 per week average; so, we have plenty of room for future growth. These improvements will ensure PV is available for future generations of Scout campers; we are preparing for the next 50 years of adventure and advancement!

Improvements at PV include:

  • A 3,600 square foot wood deck at Scout Center Dining Hall, that can be used year-round
  • A 1,200 square foot kitchen addition to the Scout Center Dining Hall
  • Renovations to basement and main floor at Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch dining hall
  • A new 100,000-gallon water tank and water-line to provide the necessary capacity for the facility
  • An upgraded electrical system including new wiring and transformers
  • A new fire suppression system

To support the Growing Future Leaders campaign and support the development of future leaders, visit