Boy Scouts of America, Greater Colorado Council

Venturing (Ages 14 - 20)

Venturing is a co-ed program that provides young men and women ages 14 through 20 the opportunity to enjoy high adventure outdoor activities and real-world leadership experiences, with increasing responsibility, in a challenging personal development program.

What Will I Do in Venturing?

Venturers are organized into “Crews” of 10-30 young men and young women, who go together on adventures as a group. Venturing is only limited by the imagination of its crew members. A Venture Crew is led by the young men and women in the Crew. Adult leaders are present to assist, mentor, and guide young leaders in their adventures. Crew members may choose to sail the Caribbean, produce a play, climb a mountain, teach others to scuba dive, enjoy the great outdoors, or attend the Olympics. All these adventures are being done today by Venture Crews across the country.

Venturers plan advancement and progress at their preferred pace. They may choose from activities such as bouldering, biking, wilderness survival, and countless other adventures, sports, arts, and hobbies. Experts in these fields are ready to help provide fun, real-world experiences. Youth are rewarded for each achievement, helping them stay motivated and gain self-confidence. Goal setting helps Venturers grow in self-reliance.

How Often Do We Meet?

Crews decide how often they meet, which can be anywhere from weekly to monthly depending on their adventure focus.

How Much Does it Cost?

Each Crew determines the dues per year for its participants, based on its annual activity budget. Part of the cost includes a national membership fee that goes to the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America to handle the cost of essential services for those participating in approved Scouting activities, program resources, safety standards, youth protection and personal safety training, and services to councils nationwide to sustain Scouting. In addition, a Crew’s costs also include funds for its individual activities, including campouts, excursions, materials, and other expenses. Lastly, each youth must buy a uniform (which they can wear for multiple years while in Scouting). On average, the annual Crew dues are between $200 and $300 per year, and a uniform costs approximately $75.

How Do We Get Started?

You can join a Venture Crew any time, at any point in the year!

You can use the tool at to select your age group, find a unit near you, and reach out to the leaders of that unit about joining! They will have you complete an application and submit it, and then you can Start Scouting!