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cub scouts at the lake boys looking at a map
cub scouts at twilight camp showing targets from target practice

At our Cub Scout Day Camp: Outdoor Adventure

From the thrill of archery to the creativity of arts and crafts, there’s something for everyone. Engage in outdoor adventures like hiking and fishing, or test your skills with B.B. guns and slingshots. Dive into nature with orienteering and water games, or learn essential skills like first aid and preparedness. With a range of activities including sports, woodworking, and obstacle courses, every day promises new adventures. Come join us and let the fun begin!

*These are examples of activities. Each camp is not guaranteed to have all the listed activities. 

Register by March 31st and pay only $15 per participant for any camp!

For more information, please contact Jessica Blazek at (720) 266-2102

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