Cub Scout Program Updates - Starts June 1st, 2024
Official Material Rollout Date: April 15th

Four main areas of friction and complexity have been identified by the national committee through leader and parent feedback.

  1. Bobcat having one set of requirements for 1st through 5th grade is ineffective.  The purpose of the Bobcat badge is to introduce Cub Scouts to the values of Scouting and how you do that should be different based on the grade you are working with.  We also see it every year, new Den Leaders do not know what to do if they have Cub Scouts who already earned Bobcat and ones who have not.
  2. Cub Scout Adventures are disjointed.  It is not clear why some adventures.  The field wants more elective adventures.
  3. The Webelos program causes a lot of confusion as it doesn’t follow the same pattern as the other ranks of being specific to a grade level.  If Webelos is designed to prepare Cub Scouts for Scouts BSA then why does that take two years?
  4. Lastly are awards that are not part of earning a rank.  Youth don’t earn them with some having less than a 1% attachment rate these awards do not drive behavior and any content we hope to have is not getting to the Cub Scout.
24 cs program update slide 4

For more information please contact Field Director Alberto Rodriguez