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Camp Cards

The 2023 Camp Card Sale has begun!


The Camp Card sale is a great, risk-free way to raise money for your Scouts to attend summer camp! You can earn up to 50% commission on each sale, and as long as the unsold cards are returned to Council in the specified time frame, there is no risk to your Unit.

The Camp Card itself is a discount card that has a number of great deals that can be used at local businesses. There are three different 2023 Camp Card versions: Denver Metro, Evergreen, and Western Slope.

Have any questions about the 2023 Camp Card Sale? 

Contact Charlie Botnick Charlie.Botnick@scouting.org or call 720.266.2148.

For more information look at the 2023 Camp Cards Leader Guide 


March 3-4

Camp Card distribution (at District Roundtables)

March 6

1st Camp Scholarship Drawing- Winner Gio M. Troop 311 (Valley)

March 13

2nd Camp Scholarship Drawing

March 20

3rd Camp Scholarship Drawing

March 27

4th Camp Scholarship Drawing


Re-Distribution of Cards within District

April 3

5th Camp Scholarship Drawing

April 10

6th Camp Scholarship Drawing

April 17

7th Camp Scholarship Drawing

April 24

8th Camp Scholarship Drawing


Settlement at District Roundtables

May 19

Deadline for Card Returns/Final Settlement for full 50% Commission

May 29

Deadline for Card Returns/Final Settlement for 30% Commission

June 5

Deadline for Card Returns/Final Settlement for 15% Commission










All Scouts who have sold at least 20 Camp Cards are eligible for the weekly scholarship drawing. The Scholarship is for full tuition at one GCC Camp program. Each Scout only needs to be entered ONCE for all subsequent drawings. Enter your Scout here. (Survey will not be active until the Camp Card sale has begun.)

2023 GCC Camp Card Facebook Forum 

This year we have created a Camp Card forum on Facebook. This page is to help you connect with other leaders for trading cards, advice, and to help build the Camp Card community. Sign up HERE


Prizes will be distributed through Unit leaders. 
Every Cub Scout who sells 50 or more Cards and Scouts BSA, Venturing, and Sea Scouts member who sells 250 or more Cards will also be able to select one prize from the table below. Scouts are only eligible for one of these prizes. Scholarships are not transferrable and have no cash value; they may only be redeemed at Colorado Adventure Point or a camp owned and operated by the Greater Colorado Council in 2023. There are no partial scholarships and no substitutions.
iPad minis must be picked up by the Scout or the Scout’s parent at the GCC office. iPad mini (A15) latest model with wi-fi, approximate value: $500.



50 Cards

GCC Cub Scout Day Camp 

250 Cards

GCC Scouts BSA (at MSRPV) or Cub Scout Resident Camp*, or CAP Camp (*1 parent included with CS Camp)

500 Cards

$200 Amazon gift card

1000 Cards

iPad mini (A15) with wi-fi, or $400 Amazon gift card





In addition, all scouts who sell at least 20 Camp Cards will receive a special Scouting Colorado flashlight. 


Please use this prize form to keep track of which Scouts have earned prizes. This prize form should be returned when you complete your final settlement with Council. 

In addition, if you do not currently have a way to track how many Cards each Scout has sold, we have put together a tracking form for your use. 

Unit tracking form 

Prize form



The 2023 Camp Card commission is 50% if your Unit is paid in full by Friday, May 19. Commission drops to 30% through Monday, May 29 at 5:00 PM. Commission drops to 15% through Monday, June 5th. We encourage Units to offset the costs of summer camp with Camp Card proceeds; however, it is up to the Unit to elect to do this. We understand that the Unit may use the proceeds for another program goal. Units do NOT have to pay for any Cards up front.
Camp Cards can be returned to the Greater Colorado Council (GCC) Office without penalty between April 7 and May 19. The Cards MUST be in new condition (including snap-off discounts). NO Cards will be accepted for return after June 5. The Camp Card Support Team reserves the right to refuse product that has been damaged or rendered unsaleable. The UNIT is RESPONSIBLE for ANY unreturned cards (lost, misplaced, damaged, etc.). Be sure Scouts and parents treat each Card as if it were a $5 bill.
Prize forms must be completed at the time of settlement. Additional prize forms are located on the Council website at https://scoutingcolorado.org/giving/unit-fundraising/camp-cards/. Camp scholarship prizes will be emailed directly to Scouts and/or Parents on Monday, May 29. Scholarships cannot be sold or transferred to another Scout and have no cash value. Camp scholarships are only good for camps operated by the Greater Colorado Council during the 2023 calendar year. Only one Camp scholarship may be earned per Scout. Units already registered for a GCC Camp will refund payment to Scouts who earn Camp scholarships through selling Camp Cards. 
iPad mini (latest model) A15 and Amazon gift card winners may pick their prizes up from the Greater Colorado Council Office after June 5. The GCC is not responsible for lost forms or late entries, whatever the reason.

See our Scouts share their stories and advice for selling Camp Cards:

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