Boy Scouts of America, Greater Colorado Council

Training Information and Resources

BSA has refreshed their special needs training curriculum in the fall of 2021, posting that content to the Training Modules section of the Disabilities Awareness Page. Although some of these modules are works in progress, they provide useful information on a variety of topics, both introductory material and specifics about advancement, ADHD, Autism, allergies, etc. Bundled with the presentations you’ll find guides, forms and other supporting documents. These bundles (and your unit commissioner) are the first place to look for answers about special needs Scouting.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 interrupted Greater Colorado Council’s teacher-led special needs training. We expect GCC can this coming year resume its main training events, with special needs coverage.

  • The University of Scouting, typically held the last Saturday in October.

  • The Commissioners’ College, usually offered the first Saturday in February.

Check our calendar to learn the details of these events as they approach. Note the Special Needs Team can also present such topics live or via video chat on request;. Contact us at AskSpecialNeeds@googlegroups.com.

We encourage all units to promote special needs awareness through program planning and activities, especially when new recruits arrive at the beginning of the school year. Some natural ways to pursue this are the Cub Scouts Disabilities Awareness Academics Belt Loop and Pin and the Disabilities Awareness Merit Badge for Scouts BSA.