Boy Scouts of America, Greater Colorado Council

Journey to Excellence (JTE)

Each year the BSA provides materials for units to assess their past year’s performance using the Journey to Excellence (JTE). Two documents provide guidance and help calculate unit scores; a PDF entitled “scorecard,” and an excel workbook used for the data entry and the “real” results scorecard. Both are needed complete the unit JTE.

How to fill out the JTE and submit:

  • Obtain and read the PDF information sheet. It is JTE guidance material that explains what each area/objective is and how to answer the questions associated with it.
  • The excel workbook is where unit JTE information is recorded. Obtain and open the excel workbook with macros enabled (macros are how the workbook can calculate the unit score).
  • Enter unit data in tabs one and two. Units will need to gather some information before answering all the questions, for example what was membership at the start of the year and at the end of the year. Enter as much information as possible, save the workbook for later, continue when you have more data to enter.

Tab 1 – Setup & Instructions

Tab 2 – Data Entry

  • After all unit data is entered in the excel workbook, go to tab three and print out the unit results (make sure it will fit on one sheet of paper). Unit leaders must sign where indicated on the scorecard.

Tab 3 – Scorecard (this is the real scorecard with your unit results)

  • Send an email to the District Commissioner with the following: the excel workbook, and a PDF of the scorecard obtained after completing step four, with signatures.
  • District Commissioner – Russ Larson
  • If you do not receive a response within a reasonable amount of time (i.e., no later than one week) follow-up to verify that the District Commissioner received your submission. 

2019 Submission Dates for Journey to Excellence:

  • Due: mid-December
  • Not Accepted After: December 31

For more information on Journey to Excellence, please visit the National JTE page.