Boy Scouts of America, Greater Colorado Council

STEM Scouts

STEM Scouts helps girls and boys learn about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through creative, hands-on activities, field trips, and interaction with STEM professionals.

What Will I Do in STEM Scouts?

STEM Scouts offers a Scouting experience with less emphasis on the outdoors. STEM Scouts follows the Scout Oath and Law with the goal of producing young men and women who are leaders, exhibit confidence, appreciate their skills and limitations, are respectful of others’ opinions, are problem solvers in all aspects of life, look for opportunities to serve others, are good citizens, and demonstrate integrity in all phases of life.

How Often Do We Meet?

Meetings for different age groups are held weekly after school at chartered locations near you. Chartered organizations are often private schools but can also be places of worship, community centers, places of business and other locations.

How Does STEM Scouts Include Parents and Guardians?

Individual labs are supervised by adult volunteers, some of whom are parents and many of whom work in STEM fields. STEM professionals help students understand research methods, STEM concepts, and STEM careers. All volunteers must be at least 21 years old, undergo a criminal background check and complete BSA’s Youth Protection Training.  

Parents are welcome and encouraged to get involved as a volunteer. By serving as a volunteer you can help influence the kind of adult that Scouts grow to be. Many tools, resources, and training programs are available to assist volunteers in becoming effective leaders and enjoy their experience. 

Each STEM Scouts Lab is sponsored by a local chartered organization. Parents and the chartered organization select leaders. 

How Do We Get Started?

Join STEM Scouts today! Find a Lab in your area by visiting StemScouts.org/Denver. Join STEM Scouts at any time! To contact a Council member for more information, please visit the council directory, or call the Greater Colorado Council at 303.455.5522.