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Learning for Life

Learning for Life is a character education program designed to support schools and community-based organizations in their efforts to prepare youth to successfully handle the complexities of our contemporary society.

Learning for Life has a sub-set of programming for special needs youth called the Champions Program. Special needs student must leave high school before age 22. Many are unprepared for the workforce with no transition plan and have not mastered basic professional skills. The Champions Program will help school districts, teachers, and parents’ guide their special needs students through this transition process.

What Will I Do in Learning for Life?

The program uses age-appropriate, grade-specific lesson plans to give youth skills and information that will help them make positive decisions for themselves, their families and their futures. As a result, the positive character traits and skills learned by participating in the program not only makes students more confident and capable but also gives them an invaluable understanding of how things work in the real world. Schools will see higher attendance rates and fewer disciplinary actions.

The Special Needs Champions program includes fun and engaging activities and lessons to help teachers instruct students in life skills needed to achieve self-sufficiency and success as an independent productive member of society. The program emphasizes the following key components: Life Skills, Personal & Social Skills, and Vocational Skills.

Additionally, the Greater Colorado Council helps provide value-added benefits to partnering schools and agencies within Learning for Life. Whether providing career interest surveys to schools, helping secure guest speakers, utilizing the facilities of the Greater Colorado Council for field trips or overnight camps, or participating in our annual Special Needs Adventure Day or Fishing Derby, Learning for Life helps schools instill character and life skills in their students. Learning for Life makes academic learning fun and relevant to real-life situations.

How Do We Get Started?

Join Learning for Life at any time! To contact a Council member for more information, please visit the council directory, or call the Greater Colorado Council at 303.455.5522.