2020 Colorado Report to the State

Colorado scouting initiative

Join the CSI Team today!  The Colorado Scouting Initiative will utilize our network of Scouts, Parents and Volunteers to invite new families to join our exciting and valued programs.

We are kicking off the Fall Recruitment effort in partnership with Pikes Peak and Rocky Mountain Councils to reach as many youth in Colorado as possible.  We need everyone’s help!


colorado councils patch

You will earn this FREE, limited-edition Colorado Scouting Patch by doing the following:

  • Sign up online below!
  • You will be mailed your FREE CSP and 10 BeAScout.org invitation cards
  • Hand out these 10 invitations to your friends, classmates, neighbors…anyone you want to join Scouting with you!
  • You or your parent share the “Join Scouting” message via social media and/or neighborhood based email groups you are part of (i.e. – NextDoor)

Most people say they haven’t joined Scouting because they were never asked – help grow Scouting today!

*patches and details will start being mailed after July

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